Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i'm free

being 26 years old i am ready to settle down. i may not be ready to have a boyfriend, but i have certainly moved out of the party every day college mindset. getting a roommate with the opposite game plan was a piss poor idea on my part. yes there were extenuating circumstances. . . yes my apartment complex did not pass code and chose to close my apartment rather than fix it. . . yes i needed a new place to live. however i will not go back to a shared living environment every again. regardless i've stuck it out since june. you know what is nice? not doing something illegal in the house when you know my father is visiting. i'm sick of cleaning up after someone. i'm sick of doing someone else's dishes otherwise they'll just pile up. sick of cleaning up after someone in the bathroom which becomes disgusting if i don't clean it! now? i'm done. i signed my lease release today. oh november 26th you just can not get here soon enough for me! i'm free!

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