Monday, November 12, 2012

the view from table rock
it is unseasonably warm here this weekend. i hiked myself up to table rock this morning to take a picture. i took others but they did not come out as nice as i had hoped they would. now i am home, lounging around. for the first time in like 3 months i've got myself caught up at work. i don't feel like i need to to work this weekend because i'm caught up and everything is scheduled out. i do need to do some laundry and go collect some more boxes. i've got everything pretty much packed up and ready to go. i need to edit this template i just haven't wanted to. i might ask jason or justin tomorrow at work for some help, i also need to make myself some graphics, maybe next weekend. i am so excited to move, i can barely contain myself. i wish it was closer. i haven't found a lot to toss this time around. i do intend to further cut down when i move. i can not wait to get my new kitchen all set up. i can not wait to only have to clean up after myself. i feel like this apartment is such an opportunity for me. this is an opportunity i do not plan to waste.

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