Saturday, November 10, 2012

packing is a dangerous business

i've been trying to pack up today as i will be moving at the end of the month. packing is a dangerous business. i've been paper cut and dropped a brass owl on my foot. i have however realized i've got far less to pack this time around and once i move in what i don't get rid of now, i will get rid of then. i've been making a big push to become more of a minimalist. i've been reading all the minimalist blogs and i've been making a push to the cloud. going so far as to give up my 600+ books for a nook tablet (which i love might i add). i'm down to nice furniture that doesn't look like i am a stupid college student anymore. i'm not quite where i want to be on many levels but i am slowly on my way there. i can't wait until i move. it's another new beginning and i do not intend to waste it!

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