Saturday, December 22, 2012


so i went down with the flu and it was awful. this place has been pretty dead for days and i apologize. i did nothing all last week but sleep and puke. this week i had to play catch up at work and it was terrible! but on to the important stuff:

i have not finished my dresser due to illness so be sure to check back in a week or two. i'll get on it after christmas. the reason you are here though is to see my epic ornaments. it's alright, i know hey are bad ass.

this is my ornament from the lovely Micaela's ornament swap!
So a month ago I signed up Micaela's yearly ornament swap. I was paired up with the lovely Elisse, from Elisse is a rock star who took my love of all things Doctor Who and got me this amazing handmade ornament! This ornament reminds us all to not blink and is made out of a soda can! I love it and I can not wait to use it next year. Thank you soooooo much Elisse and I sincerely hope that my ornament reaches you soon.

I ordered this lovely ornament from  HailThePumpkinQueen's shop
Like I said, my goals for this year's Christmas tree was to be as eclectic as possible. I have the purple lights, the purple and silver ornaments and now I've got this lovely little skeleton. Check out the original listing here, my photograph does not do him any justice.

These are currently my two favorite ornaments. I did also order some more ornaments (I know, I know I'll have to use them next year :)) Stay tuned for some handmade Christmas presents, just as soon as I give them out!

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