Sunday, December 30, 2012

the holidays!

my lovely little cat loaf all cuddled up before X-mas
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! My Christmas had a few snags, but nothing too awful. Overall it was wonderful, my lovely family listen to me this year (finally!) about what I'd like for Christmas, and I made out with a large sum of money in Barnes and Noble gift cards  30 plus books later, I'm well on my way to rebuilding the book collection I had before I went digital with a few new books that caught my eye. Upstate New York even had a white Christmas, which is lovely because for a while there we had NO snow. I'll be back sometime to tomorrow to post my year in review, you know everyone will be blasting the interwebs with one. I've also been thinking about adding a book review or at least a what I am reading section so maybe I can get suggestions of new books to read.

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