Monday, January 21, 2013

Be Productive!

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Here is to a happy productive week! In a slump? Leo over at has a great list of ideas to help yourself get out of a slump right here.  I love zenhabits and I am currently reading Zen Habits: Handbook for Life. If you want to check it out and give your money straight to Leo, you can also buy it directly from his site here.

My Goals for the week:
  1.  Gym 3x this week (MWF)
  2. Dinner and Car shopping with my father Tuesday
  3. Wii Boxing on my off gym days for a half hour
  4. Planning out next week!
I will let you all know how I do with fulfilling these goes on Friday, though I do have a special treat to get me through the week, my best friend is coming for the weekend.

How do you stay productive or plan out your days? Let me know in the comments!

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