Friday, February 22, 2013

fabulous friday favorites!

This is a new feature I am going to be trying rolling with each week. So please bear with me while I get into the habit! I will stop speaking and get to the point!

Instagram, oh Instagram! At first I was so excited to get a smart phone so I could join the band wagon! Now you've grown lackluster and I want my photos and you won't give them to me! That is where  comes in. The snazzy folks at Instaport have made it so you can export all your images into a zip file or to some other type of social media. I am for one am HAPPY!

Already planning out making some Christmas presents? I spent all last present creating season searching for clear glass Christmas ornaments. 2 weeks after Christmas I find a plethora! Click here to stock up now!

This movie, Daydream Nation. I was skeptical at first because Kat Dennings and I stopped being friends around the time she started 2 Broke Girls. I was pleasantly surprised  because how can you hate a dreamy, teenage angst filled movie with the Stars as most of the soundtrack?

Do you like to answer trivia? do you like to help animals? lets you feed both cats and dogs once a day. Go check it out. I get the daily reminder email so I do both everyday!

To finish up this really weak Friday Favorites (and I do apologize remember I''m still recovering from surgery!) one of my favorite Stars songs:

Here's to the much needed weekend! Have a good one!

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