Monday, February 18, 2013

infusing at the rex house

So after this surprise surgery, I've been fixated on regaining my health. Before the surgery I had been attempting to work out 2-3 times a week (when work permitted) and trying to eat healthier. Pre Surgery  I am dead set on losing the weight I've gained after illness and a year at a desk job. I am dead set on eating healthier, stop smoking (even though it's only 1 every now and again), and just living life the way I want to. This was one of my personal goals for the new year and I am ready to start rocking out, even though the exercise is on the back burner for a least a month.

This is my mixed berry batch on the bottom and just cucumber on top
One of the things I've never really been a fan of are sodas and juices. While I am far more likely to find myself drinking a glass of grape or apple juice, even those are filled with sugars. I have always loved water. Give me a bottle of water any day, and I tend to be the freak who loves the tap water. So I have begun infusing my water for a little more of a kick. Below are some pictures of the batches I whipped up this weekend.

This is a batch of lemon, cucumber and mint leaf infused water.

So it's really super easy to make these types of infused waters and the sky really is the limit with what you can put in them. I find cucumber water to be super refreshing and I love the scent, but I love mint leaf infused water all summer. 

  1. Gather your supplies! I prefer to infuse in glass containers so I use mason jars, Pyrex and my french press.
  2.  Put your berries, fruits or vegetables and herbs in your jars.
  3. I add ice to the top and then I pour in cold water until the jar is filled.
  4. I then take a wood spoon and kind of crush the berries, herbs and veggies. Just enough to release some juice, don't mangle them.
  5. You can start drinking right away, but I prefer to let it sit overnight in the fridge.
  6. I also use the herbs, fruits, and veggies a few times before I toss/eat them

You can't really see but my french press contains cucumber and mint

So tell me all the types of flavored water you've made or tried in the comments!


  1. This is awesome! I need to try this. I hope you're doing well!

  2. I should try and do this!

    Ps... I love you so much babygirl and am following all your posts!