Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it's cat-er-day!

I love cats. Little cats. Big cats. Long haired cats. Short haired cats. Old cats. Baby cats. I LOVE CATS.
(It really does suprise me that people think I'm a crazy cat lady having only one cat, but I digress.)

This video of cats and water KILLS me. I'm glad my coworkers send me things like this through out the day. Disclaimer watching this video after surgery is a bad idea, when laughing hurts!

I am also particularly fond of this new tumblr know as The Kitten Covers. Check it out the cuteness will kill you.

I'm still recovery from my surgery, and cats make me feel better. What makes you feel better when ill?


  1. That video was great, although I wish Lux liked water half as much as most of those cats.


    1. My darling Montauk has a love/hate relationship with water. She loves it as long as it's her choice to play in it and hates it if it's my choice to put her in it al la bath time.

      Cat's are fickle creatures!