Monday, February 4, 2013

January Recap!

January was a busy month for me, in both real life and the blog world. I'm hoping that February is going to be even better for me. I've been taking this past weekend to put my month in order and try to get everything in line for the upcoming month. Hopefully I will be much, much better about posting this month, but let's take a look a this last month.

  • I hooked up with the lovely Andrea Hatch, and she has been working hard on building me a lovely new layout. Stay tuned this month to see the amazing she worked on launch!
  • I was lucky enough to get a sponsorship over at Newfoundlander at Heart for the month. I do want to gain myself a little following and I love Margot and I've been following her for a while, I've even won a giveaway or two from her! Check out the lovely post she wrote showcasing her lovely sponsors for the month. Thanks again Margot!
  • I went on a print buying spree in an attempt to make my home office a lovely place to be. Once I receive them all and get to decorating I'll share the space with you.
  • I also found a light up globe, something I've been searching for a while. Check out that post here.
  • I started watching Supernatural on Netflix. I am addicted. Dean is my man!
  • I once again fell off the face of the planet. I'm trying to get better. I promise!

These are just of the few things I've been up to this January. Here is to an even better February! 

What did you do last month?


  1. Yay for a new layout! I love your blog, definitely following now! Stay in touch xx

    & enter the Msdressy giveaway on my blog for the chance to win an amazing gift!

    1. Thank you, I myself and quite found of it!

  2. Replies
    1. I find sam tooo whiny. and let's be real dean is so much more attractive!