Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Friday Favorites

It's really beginning to feel like spring in my area! A week of gorgeous 70's weather and now we are slogging through cold rains. Everything is so green and full of life and I am enjoying it despite the fact that I am eating so much benedryl to stay afloat.

Apartment Therapy is always so full of epic awesomeness that I could spend hours gathering ideas for my space. This tutorial on how to paint MOSS designs on walls is so freaking awesome! I so wish had a spot to do this, I'm even considering attempting to paint some pretty at a nearby park.

I've recently decided that I need to make new friends outside of work! Mostly because I need to stop letting my work life infest every second of my day to day life. Lifehacker has this article about why it's so hard finding friends after college recently and I now feel prepared to go meet some new people! Hello!

I know everyone and their brother has posted this, but I still crack up everytime I see it! I mean really now, you know everyone has always wondered if it could be done. Now we know! (I am not a huge titanic fan if you could not tell!)(image from here)

Everything is so green out, that I've been making an effort to get back on board with continuing my going green lifestyle! This is a list of companies still testing on our animal friends. I'm sticking with lush ladies and gents!

I love this image! found here!

An oldie, but it felt like it was a song for the day!

Happy Friday everyone!

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