Monday, May 13, 2013

I've fallen in love with Ren Dear

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Micaela posted this wonderful post showcasing her friends new etsy shop Ren Dear. I of course have been wanting to learn to embroider (still haven't learned) and I fell in love with her work. (It didn't hurt that she was also offering a discount!)

click here to check out this listing!
click here to check out the listing!

The image above however is the beautiful thing I fell in love with! Of course I ordered it right away! I found Ren, to be a very lovely sweet shop owner and I look forward to purchasing again! One thing about Ren Dear that I thought stood out in a sea of etsy shops was her packaging! It was like my birthday and christmas all rolled into one! I feel like it hurt to have to open the beautiful packaging even though I wanted my pretty inside! Judge for yourself (but keep in mind my photography is nothing compared to Ren''s lovely photos!):


  1. haha way to pick the most blurry photo of them all!

  2. this makes me so happy!!!

    my most favorite line of any movie--holds so much weight.

    Aren't Ren's packaging the best? she's so thoughtful.


    1. I make a yearly pilgrimage to Montauk and I listen to the movie on the way there. It's my favorite.

      Her packaging is amazing! Thank you again for introducing me!