Monday, May 6, 2013

Mr. Julius Lugia

The dapper looking gentleman

This is Julius. He is 14 years old. He is the love of my mother's life. He also isn't doing so hot. He was diagnosed this weekend with diabetes. He's a fighter and he's trying hard but he spent the weekend in the kitty hospital and now that he is home with my mom he won't eat so she can't give him his insulin. I spent the weekend with her trying to raise her spirits and rack my brain with ways to make Jules better. I couldn't come up with anything, but good vibes. If you can spare a minute and send some good vibes to this beautiful maine coon with a heart of gold please do. He needs it and my mom needs it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. wow, he's a thing of beauty. i'm sending him and you and your mom all the positive vibes and a dash of love. hope he'll be all better soon.

    1. thank you! he is a very beautiful cat. i appreciate the vibes thank you!