Wednesday, May 8, 2013

when down. . . write letters!

I'm having a rough week, both personally and professionally and I hate it. I'm stressed to the max, haven't accomplished many of my weekly goals and I am sleeping poorly. So I tried to do something that would cheer me up - I wrote my friends and family letters!

Who doesn't love some good snail mail!? I certainly love getting mail and for the longest time I was a very active member of postcrossing. For those unfamiliar with postcrossing, you create an account and then you start sending to and receiving postcards from all around the world. I love it.

As I was saying I've been down. So to rectify the situation I raided my vintage postcard collection and started writing. 3 people actually got fully fledged letters. Everyone else? A postcard with a quickly scrawled note. By the end of 13 notes/letters I was in a much better mood!

Not all of the postcards are vintage, some I picked up last christmas at the museum of history in Raleigh, NC.

this one went to a special lady in MA.

I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down so I can get off the blood pressure medication they've placed me on. This little exercise was in good judgement. It cooled me down and chilled me out. I'm trying to find more activities that are better for me: jogging, playing tennis, dancing, swimming. I've just got to try to stay one step ahead and I will get where I am going.

If you see this blog post and wonder if I sent you a postcard, chances are I did. If not leave me a message and I will get one out to you. Any readers if you'd like to swap postcards leave a message or shoot me an email at shellasaurusrex (@) gmail(.) com. Put postcard swap in the subject and I'll drop one your way. Have a great night everyone!

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