Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the postcard swap!

I love postcards. I use to be a very active member of postcrossing but I've kind of fallen off the bandwagon there. I think the idea of a picture and a short note is sometimes all you need. We all know what I do when I get down!  I for one am very thankful that Jennifer of Grits and Moxie decided to put together a postcard swap!

from the lovely jennifer
So I am belatedly showing off the lovely postcards I finally received from the May swap! (Not calling out the swappers, just the SHITTY postal service of otsego county) One of the things I really like about Jennifer's idea that each month has a theme! May was "where you live". I'm not the most intelligent person at times and I totally failed to take pictures of the postcards that I sent. I aiming to actually remember and take pictures in July.

from the mysterious jenny oh!
I'd link the lovely lady who sent me the postcard, but they didn't send their blog information on the postcard! Maybe next month! Stay tune for me to share the June swaps postcards (when I get them!) I will also make an attempt to remember to kick out a link for the July sign up!


  1. Thank you for the shout out...and I'm so glad that your cards finally made it. Athens post is notoriously slow as well. *sigh*

    I'm creating a postcard page today and I'll come back and link it. And I'm going to make sure that folks know that they can include their contact information if they'd like. Great idea!

    Oh, and Jenny Oh owns a lovely vintage shop: :)

    1. o0o0o i love jenny oh's shop! thank you!